An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conversation in a building, process or system to reduce  the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting to the operational processes. An energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expenses and carbon footprint. 

We carry out all types of energy certificates, calculations, expertise, conclusions in accordance with the CM Regulations No. 348, 382, 383, 284, 112, 138, etc., the EU-funded programs in operation for existing buildings and parts thereof. Temporary transfer and projected energy certificates for buildings (new buildings, reconstructed or renovated buildings) and parts thereof. 

Compulsory energy audits for large companies (according to the European Parliament and Council Directives must be made before 5 December 2015)
Latvian energy audits conducted in accordance with the following normative documents:
1) March 12, 2013 the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 138 "Regulations on industrial energy audits";
2) The Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 348 of 25 June 2013. "Building energy efficiency calculation method";
3) The international standard EN 16247-1, Energy - Part 1: General requirements;
4) The international standard EN 16247-4, Energy - Part 4: transport.
• buildings and premises thermography measurements.
• electrical thermography measurements for early detection of heat-impacted contact point and avoid the possibility of greater damage in the future.
• electrical load current measurements for determining compliance with the actual equipment nominal loads.
• building management system (energy consumer data collection, analysis, necessary corrections) introduction or enhancement of and installation.
• energy efficiency solution for advising on the implementation of efficiency calculations
• preventive and compulsory electrical measurements. According to the Cabinet of Ministers February 17, 2004 Regulations No.82 6.8 Section 182. Electrical installations shall once every six years, necessarily need to take the cable insulation resistance measurement, which includes:
• resistance measurement loop phase-zero measurements, the grounding of the existence test measurements and grounding circuit measurements
• reactive power compensation system of implementation and installation.
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