GDog - electricity consumption online monitoring

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GDog is small and smart device for your home or enterprise. Simple, fast and witout wires.
On your smartphone, pad or computer from any place where internet is available you will get information about:
- efficient and uneffiecient electricity consumers;
- failures on your electrical equipment and engineering systems;
- working time, idle time on your factory;
- get warnings on your email or sms on your phone.
GDog device will help you to make good use of energy resources, getting return on investment in a short time!

Commercial energy controller ComEC for energy saving in all types of electrical loads  

СomEC controller is an advanced 3-phase energy controller designed to control and stabilize the voltage provided to all electric loads.
ComEC regulates the supplied voltage, improving overall energy efficiency by reducing the voltage by up to 20V and stabilizing it at the level 
where equipment will work most efficiently.
ComEC benefits:
- immediate energy savings up to 18%
- typical ROI 10-18 months
- produced in Israel, a unique patented technology
- manufacturer PowerSines installed more than 25 000 installations worldwide
- for different types of electricity consumers
- ComEC power: 3-phase from 80A to 800A (55kW-550Kw). ComEC from 3x250A to 3x800A and are supplied in a metal housing.
- compact size compared to standard current transformers
- automatic and manual bypass
- without electromagnetic (EMI) and harmonic (THD) disorders, equipment efficiency 99%
- the effectiveness of the use of the facilities by the average voltage above 227V
- equipment service life more than 10 years
- extending the service life of electrical equipment
- perform equipment efficiency tests.
ComEC applications:
- hotels
- stores
- petrol stations
- restaurants and cafes
- fitness centers and gyms
- industrial
- schools
- hospitals
- office buildings and other facilities.
ComEC saving performance at different types of equipment and systems*:
- discharge lighting systems: fluorescent and HID with electromagnetic ballasts - 15-18%;
- time-based or continuously working heating equipment - 10-16%;
- refrigerators and freezers - 8-18%;
- kitchen applieances, coffee machines, tea kettles, toasters, microwaves - 8-15%;
- split air conditioner units and ventilations - 5-15%;
- electronic and computer equipment, lighting systems with electronic ballasts, inverters - 1-5%.
LEC and ComEC instalationLEC and ComEC instalation LEC and ComEC instalation
Major costumers: Statoil, McDonalds, Israel Electric Corporation, Costcutter Supermarkets, DP World, Hotel Alpendorf, 
Beaverbrook Retail Store - saving rates of 9-18%.

LEC controllers of energy saving in outdoor and indoor lighting systems 

The basis of energy saving is the difference between line voltage and voltage actually needed for lighting systems. In Latvia line voltage is 
207V - 253V (230±10%) but HID lamps can normally work with input voltage 190V. As a result of this difference appear electricity losses. 
Energy controller optimizes the input voltage to the level required for efficient operation of lighting systems thus controller reduces electricity 
cost and extends the lifespan of lighting systems, which reduce maintenance and relamping cost. Moreover controller reduces line harmonics. 
Usage of controller does not affect the lamp ballast, but only slightly reduces lamp's luminous efficiency. Lighting controller is applicable to 
all range of HID lamps with electronic ballasts: fluorescent lamps; HPS lamps, Metal Halide lamps,  sodium lamps, mercury-vapour lamps, 
high-presure lamps, lamps use din outdoor advertisings. Controller is connected only to the part of the network, which is responsible for lighting, 
so it does not affect the voltage and other consumers. In addition, controller provides automatic control options and even remote control (as on 
option). Energy saving up to 35%!
LEC instalation

Controllers of energy saving in electrical motors SinuMEC


Electricity savings are based on the difference between nominal voltage and voltage which is required for motor operation. For example, 
to industrial equipment, such as transport belts, conveyors or escalators constantly provided full voltage (for 100% power) despite its real load. 
Controller automatically adjusts voltage supply and provides the necessary motor power. In addition it provides "soft start" and pure SINUSOIDAL
voltage wave during motor normal operation thus reduces downtown and increases motor life expectancy. 
Controller reduces energy consumption up to 25%, moreover reduction of the motor reactive power and heating provides additional 
savings on motor service charges!   
SinuMec instalācija

Controller KESECO ULTRA for electricity saving in all electric system

- average energy savings 8-15%
- typical ROI 10-18 months
- produced in South Korea, a unique patented technology
- installed more than 18 000 installations worldwide
- for different types of electricity consumers
- compact size 
- without electromagnetic (EMI) and harmonic (THD) disorders, equipment efficiency 99%
- equipment service life more than 10 years
- tested and certified by TUV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH, SGS and TGM TEST - the internationally recognized certification organizations that 
specialize in quality, safety and environment tests. Tests results confirm that the KESECO ULTRA technology reduces power consumption at least 
5% and 7%
- perform equipment efficiency tests

KESECO ULTRA applications:
- hotels
- stores
- petrol stations
- restaurants and cafes
- fitness centers and gyms
- industrial
- schools
- hospitals
- office buildings and other facilities.

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