Air conditioning is the process of air treatment and the automatic maintenance of air temperature, humidity, speed and cleanliness in an enclosed space or part of a room, regardless of external meteorological conditions and variable releases of heat and humidity.


Purpose of air conditioning:


  • provide adequate humidity throughout the year;
  • to supply a constant and sufficient quantity of fresh air;
  • clean the air of harmful impurities such as microorganisms, harmful gases, dust, etc .;
  • to cool or heat the room air during certain seasons.


An air conditioner is a device or a whole system by means of which the air is conditioned to maintain the desired microclimate of the room.


Company “Viridi Lux” offers the latest generation air conditioners from various manufacturers, such as Daikin, Midea, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc. c. The equipment has low energy consumption (A +++), modern design and quiet operation. Types of equipment: wall, cassette and duct. We offer the best solution for the client’s wishes and possibilities for each project.

We provide equipment installation and maintenance.