Humidification and dehumidification

Energy-efficient and varied solutions for humidification

Fields of application:

– indoor and outdoor areas
– wood processing and paper production
– textiles
– dust control
– limitation of unwanted odor
– greenhouses
– food production and trade
– livestock
– poultry farm
– conditioning and refrigeration pre-cooling
– entertainment and sports events
– outdoor cafes and restaurants
– outdoor mosquito defense system

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Adiabatic pre-cooling solution: 

Concept is built upon periodical and effective water evaporation towards the surface of the heat return (coil, radiator). It not only chills the air around the systems, but it also humidifies the tubes with the chilled water vapour, presenting the fastest heat exchange method available. As the tubes come into the contact with the water, they are exposed to corrosion. We offer new water treatment system, which consists of the best combination of anti-corrosion and anti-limestone additions. This environmentally- friendly formula not only helps to prevent the corrosion, but it also combines with the molecules of the minerals, which form the limestone, to deform its structure. The systems are equipped with energy monitoring devices. Energy saving up to 30%.

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We provide installation and maintenance